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Re: [systemd-devel] [PATCH] add sprezzos as alias for debian in autoconf script

Lennart Poettering left as an exercise for the reader:
> On Fri, 28.12.12 23:34, nick black (nick.black@sprezzatech.com) wrote:
> Sprezzos is in the same category as Ubuntu, right? If so, doesn't
> --with-distro=debian do enough for your needs? Do you need more?

I'm currently using --with-distro=debian, and it serves my purposes just
fine. My analysis is thus:

 - a debian derivative, at the moment it derives, has behavior equivalent to
   debian, and is thus nothing more than an alias. this holds for any
   derivative relationship, of course. debian provides dpkg-vendor(1) to
   explore these relationships, but it's kinda incomplete and not portable
   in any case.

 - during this time, the systemd build process will be sucked into various
   automated processes (such as debian's autobuilder or sprezzos's
   autoupgrader). the automator at this point wants to choose the
   appropriate one, because...

 - at some point, either debian or the derivative might lurch in a new
   direction. in either case, carefully-crafted, minimal new
   TARGET_-specific code (or however you choose to do it) can mirror the
   divergence. all scripts continue to work.

 - this does lead to an explosion in aliases, but they're localized to
   configure.in, so who cares? well, maybe we do care.

 - in that case, tell people like myself to piss off until we're at least
   on distrowatch, and use --distro=debian. that's fine; it simply means
   that, should some divergence occur, any derivative-side automation will
   go out-of-sync until it's manually corrected.

i think i'm just jealous of Ångström, though. the right thing to do, as pabs
pointed out, is to junk all of this and make decisions based on discovered
form, not name of form. that's a more serious overhaul, though.

if my patch is not accepted, i'll not hold it against systemd :).

> Well, is Ångström a Debian derivative? If so then we should replace it
> by TARGET_DEBIAN, indeed.


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