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derivatives and funding?

So, Alan's mail gives me the opportunity to start a discussion about
derivatives and funding models...

Debian itself is funded by monetary and other donations from
individuals, corporations and at times governments.

There are 19 derivatives in the census who are funded by corporate or
government sponsors.

As we can see with Parsix, some derivatives rely on donations from
their user communities.

I'm interested to find out what other funding models we have in
derivatives, anyone willing to disclose that? I've updated the
CensusTemplate to include an item for funding model information, I'd
appreciate it if you could update your census pages in addition to
replying here.

On a related note, should we be suggesting in the derivatives
guidelines for derivatives to donate to Debian?

In the past I've suggested DebConf sponsorship to derivatives with
government/corporate sponsors, should we continue doing that or expand
it to all derivatives?



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