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Re: derivatives and funding?

Paul Wise left as an exercise for the reader:
> There are 19 derivatives in the census who are funded by corporate or
> government sponsors.
> I'm interested to find out what other funding models we have in
> derivatives, anyone willing to disclose that? I've updated the
> CensusTemplate to include an item for funding model information, I'd
> appreciate it if you could update your census pages in addition to
> replying here.

Updated the SprezzOS entry. BTW, @TIME@ doesn't seem to be working (at least
according to preview -- maybe it actually does get substituted upon commit
of change?).

We're corporately funded (http://www.sprezzatech.com), but the corporation
has one employee, and its income has been in no way derived from SprezzOS
:). I'd pretty much call it a volunteer effort, but maybe corporate-backed

> On a related note, should we be suggesting in the derivatives
> guidelines for derivatives to donate to Debian?

A link to http://www.debian.org/donations seems reasonable for inclusion in
the bottom links section on every page -- and indeed, apparently it is
included in the first column. Including a highly visible link in the
Derivatives Best Practices/Guidelines document seems reasonable to me.

> In the past I've suggested DebConf sponsorship to derivatives with
> government/corporate sponsors, should we continue doing that or expand
> it to all derivatives?

It seems already suggested by the "businesses that rely on Debian" line in
the Donations page, but making it more explicit couldn't hurt.

In my humble opinion, Debian/SPI has gone to extraordinary lengths to
facilitate derivatives' development, and so long as donations don't become
somehow mandatory (see eg DistroWatch's de facto advertising requirement to
be included in their list of distributions), there's no reason not to pass
the hat around with a little more mendicancy.

That said, I'd like to see the pipeline for package change backflow bored a
bit wider. This might have been answered before, but where can Debian and
Derivative developers consult the data you used to prepare eg
http://bonedaddy.net/pabs3/log/2012/04/26/when-a-distro-dies/? Ahhh,
http://dex.alioth.debian.org/census/SprezzOS/patches/, I see I
see...frankly, I suspect that the work on the "current limitations of patch
generation" you mention on those pages might bring more net win.

hack on! --nick

nick black     http://www.sprezzatech.com -- unix and hpc consulting
to make an apple pie from scratch, you need first invent a universe.

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