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Re: Debian derivatives census: Symbiosis

On Fri, 2012-02-24 at 09:58 +0000, Patrick J Cherry wrote:

> Not sure why the lenny repo isn't signed.  The squeeze one is :)

Aha, I didn't know you had a new release, it would be nice if you had a
blog we could semi-automatically add to Planet Debian Derivatives:


You may want to fix the wrong info and broken links in these pages:


> We released our squeeze version on Wednesday, and I've just updated the
> census pages to reflect this.  Still working on the documentation!

Congrats, thanks!

> Well that will change a little with the new release.  There are a couple
> of extra Ruby packages that we've added in.  However I'd be happy to have
> it integrated into Debian properly.  There are only a couple of issues
> that would need ironing out regarding trampling on configuration files,
> but apart from that, with Steve already a Debian developer I guess we
> could get our packages adopted into Sid?

I think that it is easily doable to have your packages shipped in
wheezy, you will need to consider if that is what you want though, it
may increase your maintenance burden or have other bad effects, which
we are in the process of brainstorming in this thread:


The configuration files trampling issue sounds like what DebianEdu face
with their solutions, it would be nice to have these sorts of issues
solved within Debian.

Looking at your squeeze repo, your ruby packages will need some updates
for the new ruby packaging policy for wheezy:




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