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Re: Session on "NEW package workflow" at UDS

On Sat, Nov 5, 2011 at 5:02 AM, Iain Lane wrote:

>    + An Ubuntu document “Why Debian?” that presses the compelling case
>      for contributing packages upstream. We have [0], but I imagine
>      something more

You seem to have missed adding a link for [0]. I guess you mean this?


>    + A Debian document “How Debian?” which speaks to upstreams wishing
>      to maintain their own software in Debian. This isn't a packaging
>      guide, but a process one — how to find teams and get reviews, and
>      so on.

Some possibly relevant pages:


There is a rewrite to intro-maintainers pending that is a vast
improvement and could probably replace DebianMentorsFaq.

If these are upstream developers, please also point them to our
upstream guide, which is about what Debian expects from our upstreams
and contains lots of links to advice about how to make distro-friendly


>  - Still hope to use mentors, extending it with the concept of
>    derivatives for the rare cases this is needed or, if mentors folk
>    aren't happy with this, then I guess we could run our own instance
>    but this would likely have the same problems as REVU does.

I think this is a good idea and I imagine debexpo can be extended here
to do per-vendor stuff like lintian has been.



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