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Re: relationship with Ubuntu - call for feedback

Hi Paul (2011.10.22_07:39:03_+0200)
> > There is a push, and coming with it a growing movement, to get
> > applications into Ubuntu via a new Application Review process (aka
> > extras.ubuntu.com) which is a parallel repository available for stable
> > releases only that is not a part of the distribution.
> I note that there are only two source packages on that site, one of
> which was uploaded by a Debian member to there instead of to Debian.

That was me.  I was just giving the process a spin. I do intend to
package Suspended Sentence for Debian at some point, but it's way down
my todo list. (It's a game people will only ever play once, and even
then, they should finish in less than a couple of hours).


Stefano Rivera
  H: +27 21 465 6908 C: +27 72 419 8559  UCT: x3127

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