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Re: relationship with Ubuntu - call for feedback

On Sat, Oct 22, 2011 at 2:55 AM, Barry Warsaw wrote:

> It's actually a rather painful process in some ways, not through any
> particular fault in Ubuntu or Debian, but just because the integration points
> are hard to discover and sometimes difficult to use.
> Launchpad has a way to link Debian bugs to Ubuntu bugs, but it's in a rather
> clumsy web ui.  Either the bug must already be reported in Debian, or you have
> to somehow first get it reported in Debian, then extract a url to BTS, then
> navigate a long pulldown and cut-n-paste the URL.
> AFAICT, there's no easy way to link a bug in Launchpad to BTS.

I guess the read-write debbugs SOAP API would be useful here:


> Continuing on the Debian generalization front, it would be nice if it were
> easier to link a Debian bug to Launchpad or some other external tracker (but
> the heavily email weighted UI of BTS is a complication here).

There is the 'forwarded' mechanism but it is a bit suboptimal for
multiple URLs at the moment. I think it needs to be generalised a bit
(maybe adding a 'link' command taking a URL and title and
corresponding 'unlink'), but that would require some motivated person
with time and Perl knowledge to start hacking on debbugs, which I get
the impression is a bit understaffed at the moment.




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