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Re: relationship with Ubuntu - call for feedback

On Oct 21, 2011, at 05:23 PM, Luk Claes wrote:

>Something I find quite frustrating is that quite some patches in Ubuntu
>are not pushed upstream at all (nor to Debian, nor to the upstream
>developers of the applications) even if they fix general bugs.

It's actually a rather painful process in some ways, not through any
particular fault in Ubuntu or Debian, but just because the integration points
are hard to discover and sometimes difficult to use.

Launchpad has a way to link Debian bugs to Ubuntu bugs, but it's in a rather
clumsy web ui.  Either the bug must already be reported in Debian, or you have
to somehow first get it reported in Debian, then extract a url to BTS, then
navigate a long pulldown and cut-n-paste the URL.

AFAICT, there's no easy way to link a bug in Launchpad to BTS.

Then there's submittodebian which can very often work, but is not a model of
user friendliness, and is easily forgotten.

It would be rather nice if Launchpad had a big fat button that would make it
easy to forward a bug (perhaps plus patches, but merge proposals are a
complication here) to Debian and automatically create the link.  It could even
subsume some of submittodebian's functionality by querying BTS for existing
bug reports.

Continuing on the Debian generalization front, it would be nice if it were
easier to link a Debian bug to Launchpad or some other external tracker (but
the heavily email weighted UI of BTS is a complication here).

On a positive note, I'm fairly certain that most Ubuntu developers really want
to do the right thing by forwarding bugs and patches to Debian.  If we made it
easier and more foolproof, I think it would happen a lot more often.


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