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Re: Introducing DoudouLinux

Hi Paul,

Paul Wise wrote:
On Sat, Jul 23, 2011 at 10:54 AM, Andrew McGlashan wrote:

Where can I download the ca.crt for ca.debian.org ? That certificate
authority created the wiki's certificate.  I want to add ca.debian.org as a
trusted root authority.

If you are on a Debian machine, SPI's cert should be already
installed. If not then download this file:


Then verify the inline GPG signature on it through the web of trust.

Once you are able to trust it, install these certs, make sure to check
the fingerprints signed by the Joerg's GPG key:


Thank you, that worked fine for my Windows desktop machine ;-)

Kind Regards

Andrew McGlashan
Broadband Solutions now including VoIP

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