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Re: census: missing source packages

Ryan Finnie schrieb am Dienstag, den 21. Juni 2011:

> On Tue, Jun 21, 2011 at 1:28 AM, Gerfried Fuchs <rhonda@deb.at> wrote:
> >  Actually by providing the snapshot service we even give them more
> > grounds to assume that. ;)  Still, they don't accompany the sources with
> > the binaries, and from what I understand they neither include a written
> > offer valid for three years to hand out the sources, and these are the
> > options with GPL.
> I'd just like to inject my experience related to that.  Finnix is a
> LiveCD and a Debian derivative.  95% of the software on the CD are
> unmodified from Debian upstream, the other (core scripts, extra
> utilities, kernel, etc) are built specifically for Finnix and are in
> an apt repository with full source for those packages.  These are on
> packages.finnix.org and are listed in the census. I do not actively
> distribute unmodified Debian sources, and instead publicly recommend
> checking snapshot.d.n.  (Finnix is based off testing, so by the time
> the user gets it, there's a good chance the specific package version
> is no longer in the main archive.)
> However, I also provide a written offer for the sources.  With each
> release, I compile a CD of all the used sources and then throw a
> backup in my safe.  I then offer copies of this for the price of
> media/mailing (though if someone were just looking for a single
> package, I would just throw it in a downloadable location for them,
> rather than making them jump through physical media hoops).  In over 6
> years of releases, nobody has requested this.  (Oddly enough; I keep
> expecting the FSF or BusyBox to request, just to check compliance as
> they are known to do.)
> I even wrote a helper script to assist with downloading upstream
> Debian sources for a Finnix release, damngpl[0] (don't worry, the name
> is tongue-in-cheek).  I would recommend anyone in a similar situation
> as Finnix follow the same steps if you do not wish to take on the load
> of offering all upstream Debian sources relevant to your derivative.
We (as in grml) also have such scripts to drive sources.grml.org:

http://git.grml.org/?p=grml-infrastructure.git;a=summary (the source-report

Alexander Wirt, formorer@formorer.de 
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