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Re: census: missing source packages

* Stefano Zacchiroli <leader@debian.org> [2011-06-21 09:13:12 CEST]:
> I'm for "name-and-shame", as proposed by Neil.  Of course, in spite of
> the colorful expression, it should be done in a constructive way.
> After all, I doubt that any Debian derivative out there is doing that
> on purpose or trying to deliver patched packages whose sources are
> unknown. It's more likely they do not realize that there is a problem,
> e.g. by assuming that given that Debian has the sources anyhow they
> are fine.

 Actually by providing the snapshot service we even give them more
grounds to assume that. ;)  Still, they don't accompany the sources with
the binaries, and from what I understand they neither include a written
offer valid for three years to hand out the sources, and these are the
options with GPL.

> Now, as how to do the name-and-shame, I don't think we should go too
> heavy on that (i.e. no way we're going to use -news for this).

 Sure, some prodding should be done though, and if no response has been
received within a reasonable time (let's say, until after debconf?) it
would be a point in time to proceed with naming-and-shaming them more
prominently, like removing their wiki entry from the census page and/or
move it to a special section for that purpose, not have them mixed with
the others that follow the licenses.

 The reasonable time might though have been long overdue where users
already pointed the missing source out to the distributions, long ago ...

> Aside, on the derivative guidelines we should mention clearly that not
> providing sources is not OK and likely to get derivatives into
> trouble.

 It should also make it clear that this is not because Debian is "not
happy" with that but because actually they are violating the licenses
under which they received the software.

* Karl Goetz <karl@kgoetz.id.au> [2011-06-21 03:52:58 CEST]:
> As far as enforcing copyright, nothing. If there are tools created by
> DDs (or contributors) it might be worth telling them, as they are in a
> position to demand the derivative picks up their game.

 Actually, no. Everyone receiving a GPLed binary from them is in the
position to demand the source for it, so there is no need to find an
author to prod them.

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