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census: missing source packages

Hi all,

I've been looking at the apt sources.list snippets included in the
census and despite my prodding late last month, there are still five
distributions that do not provide source packages despite offering
binary packages. In one case I've even found users complaining on their
distribution's forums about this. I've verified that in each of the
cases where I can't find source packages, there are LGPL or GPL binary
packages listed in the derivative's Packages files. So not only are some
of our derivatives not living up to FLOSS principles, but a few are
likely even violating licenses and copyright law.

Please note that I only checked the derivatives with a sources.list
snippet and with no deb-src lines in their sources.list. I still need to
check those distributions who don't have sources.list snippets in the
census and for the ones with deb-src lines, check that the deb-src lines
match the deb lines.

Now, my question is; what should Debian do about this if anything?



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