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Joining the development team

I want to join the Debian development team.  I've gone to http://www.debian.org/devel/join/ , but I'm not sure where to begin.  I do understand that this mailing list is for people from Debian derivatives who want to make upstream contributions.

The two things I would like to work on are:
1.  Lightweight programs for burning CDs and DVDs: The KDE and GNOME distros come with CD/DVD burning programs that INCLUDE verification.  Most lightweight distros do not.  I use antiX/Swift Linux, and I dual-boot with Puppy Linux for its PBurn and iso2cd programs that provide verification WITHOUT bloat.  I want to provide PBurn and iso2cd for my Swift Linux users, and I think that users of other Debian-based distros would also appreciate lightweight CD/DVD burning programs that offer verification without bloat.
2.  A trash program: GNOME and KDE come with trash/recycle bins but ROX pinboard does not.  I've had difficulty getting libtrash to work properly.  Again, a trash/recycle bin is a feature that the heavyweight distros have that I think can be implemented in a lightweight package.  Again, this is something that users of all Debian-based distros would be interested in.

P.S.  I am seeking developers for antiX-based Swift Linux.  Think of antiX as the Ubuntu of the lower part of the Linux market.  Swift Linux is analogous to Linux Mint.  My target markets are Windows XP users and the Ubuntu/Mint users scraping by on only 512 MB of RAM.

Jason Hsu <jhsu802701@jasonhsu.com>
Founder and lead developer of Swift Linux (http://www.swiftlinux.org)

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