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Re: [RFC] DEX - merging patches from derivatives into Debian

On Fri, Mar 18, 2011 at 10:05:18AM +0000, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> This is still somewhat open to debate. :-)

Indeed :-)

> What do folks think of:
> "Derivatives EXchange"
> "Debian EXchange"
> "Debian dErivatives eXchange"

My favorite here is the latter "Debian dErivatives eXchange".
The one I like the least is "Debian EXchange", as it focuses too much on
Debian, while the focus should really be the ecosystem of all
derivatives as a whole.


Another, unrelated, comment I have is about the current graphing of
*progress* of the various DEX-related initiatives. Consider for instance
the current initiative about cleaning up ubuntu ancient patches [1]. The
graph is great ATM, as it shows that all the work is almost complete,
which was not the case when the initiative started. However, I'm able to
appreciate that as I *know* how it looked like in the beginning, which
is not necessarily the case for other visitors.

Have you thought about graphing progress, on a time-based scale? I was
under the impression that you already have all the needed tools to do
that ... If you need help with technical setup or the like, shout on
this list!

For future initiatives, we will also probably benefit from a sort of
tutorial on how to setup a page like the one at [1] with graphs and all
the other goodies.


[1] http://dex.alioth.debian.org/ubuntu/ancient-patches/status/

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