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Re: [RFC] DEX - merging patches from derivatives into Debian

On Tue, 15 Mar 2011 14:06:21 +0000
Matt Zimmerman <mdz@debian.org> wrote:

> Inspired by conversations here, and with various people in person and
> on IRC, Stefano Zacchiroli and I have set up a new Alioth project
> called DEX:
> http://dex.alioth.debian.org/

One thing thats not immediately obvious to me is what DEX stands for?

> ...with an appropriately primitive website. :-)

Always important :)

> The premise of DEX is that by forming projects and teams around
> specific work to be done with derivatives (e.g. merging patches), we
> can build momentum and help individual contributors accomplish more.
> Our hope is for DEX teams to include both Debian developers *and*
> developers from derivatives, working together on common goals.

I like the vision, hopefully it can be realised.

> The first DEX team is the Ubuntu one:
> http://dex.alioth.debian.org/ubuntu
> and a few developers have signed up to it already.  We've set a modest
> initial goal of clearing a queue of (years) old patches from Ubuntu,
> merging them into Debian where appropriate.  We hope to build on that
> with larger and more ambitious projects in the future, such as
> reducing the ongoing delta between Debian and Ubuntu.

I'll see if i can get together a team from gNewSense, but it may take a

> Please let us know what you think, and speak up if you'd like to get
> involved!
> If nobody hates the idea, we'll make a more formal announcement
> beyond this list and invite more participation.

No hate from me!

Karl Goetz, (Kamping_Kaiser / VK5FOSS)
Debian contributor / gNewSense Maintainer
No, I won't join your social networking group

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