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Re: Debian derivatives front desk: where to from here?

[ adding -www in the loop; folks: look for "census" down in this mail ]

On Fri, Dec 03, 2010 at 01:55:16AM +0800, Paul Wise wrote:
> Hi all,

Ditto, thanks Paul for this wrapup-and-ping message.

> Quarterly derivatives meeting on IRC in #debian-derivatives. Summary
> posted to -derivatives and mentioned in DPN/DeveloperNews. Aimed at
> improving communication between Debian and derivatives. Not sure what
> form it could take... any thoughts?

In general, meeting are good to brainstorm and find out activities that
hardly otherwise would be proposed on different media. That is the case
for both IRC and in-person meeting, of course.

I like the idea of periodic meetings. A form it might take is that of
having 1 or 2 Debian-based distros per meeting, presenting themselves
(I'm quite sure that we Debian-ers not necessarily know what other
distros based on our work are doing). Each distro representative can
them summarize good and bad experiences in working with Debian ... and
I'm sure from there discussion will focus on how we can improve their

> Annual face-to-face meeting at DebConf, perhaps similar to what we had
> at DebConf10, hopefully with a more diverse set of derivatives
> represented ;)

A periodic BoF sounds reasonable. Of course attending DebConf is not
always possible, but we should then make very clear that, as DebConf, we
*invite* representative from derivatives to attend. That is something
that can be done with proper announcements, both general and to
distro-specific mailing lists, when the inscription for DebConf open.

That remind me that, in the distro census, we really need derivatives to
specify a contact point where inquiries *from Debian* should best be

> Census of Debian derivatives. Which ones still exist, how are they
> http://wiki.debian.org/Derivatives/Census
> http://wiki.debian.org/Derivatives/Census/Ubuntu
> http://wiki.debian.org/Derivatives/CensusTemplate

That is a very useful initiative, thanks. I remember that people from
-www meant to revamp the webpages on the subject and that they will
welcome help. Moreover, we need coordination about where to store the
information. I believe it does make sense to start from scratch and
then, after a given cut off date, discuss with -www how to migrate the
data to a more stable place. (Or, better, given that sometimes distro
appear and disappear, we might say that they will be moved to www.d.o
after a while.)

Based on previous discussions with -www folks on the matter, I suggest
asking for a logo in the CensusTemplate, as visual identity is kind of
important for distros. I haven't changed the CensusTemplate myself as
I'm not sure about the best way to include images in moin pages. Anyone?

> Any more thoughts, ideas or folks who could volunteer to help
> implement the above?

A suggestion, unfortunately about which I don't have time to volunteer

All the above activities are very nice, but I fear they'll be worth
nothing unless we communicate about them. In particular, the census has
no chances of working unless we make some noise about that. What I think
we really need now is to send out a status update about the derivatives
front desk; that would be a perfect chance to reach out to derivatives
and invite them to fill out census templates.

I believe the appropriate channel to do that would be debian-news, as
with d-d-a we will hardly reach out to any derivative we are not in
touch with yet.

> PS: it would be great if more folks could join the IRC channel
> (#debian-derivatives on irc.debian.org aka OFTC).

Just done! Thanks for winning against my laziness on joining new
channels :-)


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