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Debian derivatives front desk: where to from here?

Hi all,

So far, it appears we have had the following on the debian-derivatives list:

Introductions from folks involved in a number of Debian derivatives.

Discussions on best practices.

Where do we want the Debian Derivatives Front Desk to go from here?

Obviously the contact address and list will probably continue to
receive questions from derivatives that we should answer.

Some thoughts:

Quarterly derivatives meeting on IRC in #debian-derivatives. Summary
posted to -derivatives and mentioned in DPN/DeveloperNews. Aimed at
improving communication between Debian and derivatives. Not sure what
form it could take... any thoughts?

Annual face-to-face meeting at DebConf, perhaps similar to what we had
at DebConf10, hopefully with a more diverse set of derivatives
represented ;)

Summarise and collate the discussions of the past few months into
documents on the wiki.

Census of Debian derivatives. Which ones still exist, how are they
doing, what is their relationship with Debian, places for Debian folks
to ask them questions, published resources (bug trackers, patches,
repositories) etc. Results can be placed on the website and more
detailed info on the wiki. First start should be to audit the list of
child distros on the website. Updated in an ongoing manner, but
announce a "census" annually. For an example of what to put in the
census, take a look at these pages I just created:


Any more thoughts, ideas or folks who could volunteer to help
implement the above?

PS: it would be great if more folks could join the IRC channel
(#debian-derivatives on irc.debian.org aka OFTC).



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