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Re: draft calls for help: dak, debbugs, d-i

Le 01/10/2013 22:33, Lucas Nussbaum a écrit :
[ TL;DR: please review/improve http://titanpad.com/bits-201309
   deadline: saturday ]


In my next d-d-a bits (to be sent at the end of the week, I hope), I'd
like to include calls for help for dak, debbugs, and possibly d-i. My
past call for helps (trademark team, auditors) gave great results, so
there's hope.

I think that you will agree that dak and debbugs could use more
hands.  For d-i, I'm not so sure, given the discussion that started at

For dak and debbugs, I started to draft something at
http://titanpad.com/bits-201309. ftpmasters, debbugs developers, could
you please take a look at it, improve it, and tell me if it's OK?

For d-i, I must admit that, given I'm quite clueless about d-i, I
really can't work on writing that :(  Frank Lin and Christian were
suggested as people that could help draft something. Christian, Frank
Lin, do you think that you could give it a try?



I unfortunately have to admit that time is becoming the bottleneck for me nowadays : too many tasks in Debian....and less time to devote to it (real life is taking more and more time, particularly everything related to running...in short, my centers of interest are slowly drifting and it's time for me to admit that).

So, committing to that would really be a bad idea. I still leave your mail in my TODO list but, really, don't absolutely wait for my input, sorry for this.

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