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draft calls for help: dak, debbugs, d-i

[ TL;DR: please review/improve http://titanpad.com/bits-201309
  deadline: saturday ]


In my next d-d-a bits (to be sent at the end of the week, I hope), I'd
like to include calls for help for dak, debbugs, and possibly d-i. My
past call for helps (trademark team, auditors) gave great results, so
there's hope.

I think that you will agree that dak and debbugs could use more
hands.  For d-i, I'm not so sure, given the discussion that started at

For dak and debbugs, I started to draft something at
http://titanpad.com/bits-201309. ftpmasters, debbugs developers, could
you please take a look at it, improve it, and tell me if it's OK?

For d-i, I must admit that, given I'm quite clueless about d-i, I
really can't work on writing that :(  Frank Lin and Christian were
suggested as people that could help draft something. Christian, Frank
Lin, do you think that you could give it a try?



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