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status of d-i development -- call for help?


It has been suggested to me that the work on d-i could use more
manpower. AFAIK, the current active maintainer is Cyril Brulebois, but
I've been told that he could use some help for the jessie cycle. :)
Cyril, am I correct?

I think that something that is worth trying is to write a call for help
with a job description, outlining what are the required skills to
contribute to d-i.

What usually works great is to provide a micro-task that allows
prospective contributors to check that they have the basic skills
required (that also has the advantage to detect people that don't have
the required skills, and avoid losing time mentoring them).  For
example, adding one's name in an 'About' box.

We could then ensure that that job description gets wide coverage (dpn,
dda bits).

Could someone write such a job description, or help me write it? I'm
totally clueless about d-i development, so I would need some help,


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