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Bug#434149: Should maintainers receive copies of their own BTS mails?

Adeodato Simó <dato@net.com.org.es> writes:

> Package: debbugs
> Severity: wishlist
> At the moment, maintainers do not receive a copy of the mail they send
> to bugs on their on packages. I only noticed this lately, but I'm told
> by Don that it's been like that for a while.
> Don also said that he doesn't have a strong opinion about that, so he's
> open to arguments either way.
> I think it makes sense to receive copies of such mail, the same way we
> receive our own mail to mail sent to lists.d.o. In particular, I think
> it's good so the whole set of mails are kept for reference together in
> the same mailbox.
> Any opinions for or against?

I think it would be good just so you see the mail was received.


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