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Forwarded messages to -dist MLs

1. Adding pkg name to forwarded messages:

>> > Control transcripts can affect hundreds or thousands of bugs, so
>> > there's no way that all of the packages will ever be listed in the
>> > subject.
>> But NNN is unique for one particular pkg,
> It's actually not. There's no limit to how many packages a bug can be
> assigned to.

Big corner cases? Well, i have plenty of imagination how to encode it in
place on otherwise one pkg name.

2. Threading, message-ids:

>> If not "References" i'm will be OK with "X-Resent-References" or
>> whatever else.
> You already get the equivalent of what you're asking for by separating
> on Subject: #NNNN and ordering by date.

That's sorting, not threading. Latter means collapsed subject line with
number of replies shown; slrn highlights your name, thus by seeing it
with any number brings you on business immediately.

Checking and reading successive #ZYX is a different thing.

>> This kind of thing is much easy to implement and maintain, than all
>> that subscribe/unsubscribe kind of things.
> Heh. It's actually not; requiring every message that is sent to the
> BTS to parse the logfile for information on the previous messages is
> definetly non-trivial.

Again extremes. Why every? Currently these are automatic generated
(control messages) and messages without in-reply-to.

The latter is a very strange, WRT information available in bts. Why
people can't download mbox formatted message and reply without any
problems, i.e. `mutt -f`? BTW, good policy to get rid of all spam, or
it's not?

About non-triviality. I've got impression from using web interface, that
all messages are stored in associative form, i.e access is fast, bug ID is
a key.

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