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Re: spam (Re: Bug#202373: traitor offstage)

On Fri, 20 Jul 2007, Oleg Verych wrote:
> without downloading body (this is feature of mail<->news) i can
> filter out things:
> Subject: Bug#OMEGA, ncurses: patch......"
> i don't care
> Subject: Bug#KAPPA, libslang2: patch......"
> i do care.

If you're already downloading the headers, then you can include the
information in the -Package: header in whatever information you're
looking at.
> >> One more thing about size, if you permit. Why empty headers are
> >> added? It's a waste IMHO.
> >
> > What empty headers?
> |X-Debian-PR-Package:
> |X-Debian-PR-Message: transcript

This is a control transcript for a control message which didn't affect
any packages, so the empty header is meaningful.

Don Armstrong

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