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Access to SOAP function denied. Bug#111068: marked as done (debbugs: per-package tags) Bug#144641: THIS ONE IS SET TO RISE! Bug#223262: We have added "Where used" menu item that quickly finds and shows all groups and firewall rules that reference given object. Bug#245096: Rate Inquiry Bug#322963: marked as done ([pkgreport.cgi] source packages may have possibly invalid link to the p.d.o page) Bug#377520: please consider more output from get_bugs Bug#402362: debbugs: Seems to work fine on now Bug#422062: get_status(419306) always returns an error Bug#422934: debbugs: control results for usertags processing should contain user in results Bug#424431: debbugs: Support setting blocking and blocked bugs when submitting Processed: forcibly merging 248335 420274 Processed: reassign 423195 to debbugs, retitle 423195 to [pkgreport.cgi] options still not encoding properly ... Processed: retitle 425614 to version regex is too strict, reassign 425614 to debbugs ... Processed: setting package to debbugs, tagging 416321, tagging 419202, tagging 419553, tagging 425614 Processed: severity of 422062 is minor Processed: tagging 207225 Processed: tagging 234362 Processed: tagging 293277 Re: Trouble subscribing bugs The last update was on 08:09 GMT Sun May 12. There are 27 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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