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Bug#222077: [debbugs packaging] Need to create the hash dirs db_h/00..99

On Thu, 29 Jun 2006, Bill Allombert wrote:
> Before Etch is frozen ? We already missed the Sarge deadline.

Ideally; we're a bit far away from that now, though. The top item on
my prority list is fixing the bugs, not polishing the package for a
release in the intermediate state it is in right now.

> Sure, but we still ship a 3-year old package that has easily fixable
> issue and is several releases behind the upstream version.

It's not several releases behind. The upstream version *IS* the Debian
version. Upstream releases when it uploads a new version to Debian.

> Should I do an NMU ?

If you have patches to fix the outstanding issues with the package, by
all means submit them, but NMUing the codebase as it stands now will
produce packages which are of worse quality than those currently

So no, you shouldn't NMU.

Don Armstrong

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bet, you can't win.
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