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Re: Debbugs CVS commit by cjwatson: source cgi/bugreport.cgi cgi/common.pl cgi/pkg ...

On Sun, Aug 17, 2003 at 07:16:14PM -0600, Debbugs CVS wrote:
> pkgreport.cgi now takes 'version', 'dist', and 'arch' arguments. If
> [...] 'arch' is largely for completeness because it was easy, and narrows
> this down to the version of a package on that particular architecture. It
> defaults to i386.

Erm, it'd be better if it defaulted to '*' -- so when you look for bugs
in testing, you see all the bugs including the ones that only apply to
the old m68k version that didn't get updated with all the others.

Maybe the "doesn't apply to this version" bugs could be listed iff some
other option is set (say "showotherverbugs=yes")?



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