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Re: Truely architecture-specific Packages files

On 14110 March 1977, David Kalnischkies wrote:
> At the moment binary-any/Packages includes information about arch:any
> and arch:all packages. The Debian archive ships a binary-all/Packages
> file however which only includes arch:all. Wouldn't it make sense to
> drop the arch:all info from binary-any/Packages and instead let the
> clients download (multiple) binary-any's and binary-all?

I think that at some point some ftp team member mentioned that we should
do that "sometime in the future when tools support it" when it started
with those binary-all Files. Somewhere around/after squeeze release or
so, I think it was?.

So yes, we are all for it.

> This "optimisation" is rooted in the Architectures field (which, for the
> benefit of other implementers, is a field not generated by all tools) in
> the Release file which in Debian (the only place I see an existing
> binary-all) doesn't include "all" at the moment, which tells apt to
> ignore the binary-all files. If "all" would appear in this field apt
> will start to download binary-all by default.

Won't be too hard for us to let it appear.

> Now, the patch to teach apt this trick isn't even in experimental yet,
> but if I am not hearing big cries against it I would like to apply it so
> that the next Debian stable release (stretch) has an apt version
> supporting it¹. Hopefully we have some buy-in and other clients with
> there own file acquisition methods are compatible as well.

I think the most interesting part will be the toolset around building,
be it buildds or pbuilder/sbuild/whatever, and
dependency/build-dependency checks/installation/... which cant just
parse one file anymore as soon as we drop arch all from the any file.

> We could then talk about Debian moving to arch:any-only binary-any's for
> buster¹. What do you think? – especially also about the "optimisation"
> as thats basically written just for you^Wdak. :)

So the apt in stretch (then) fully supports it, whatever comes its way
it will eat it correctly and users of stretch and onwards wont see a
difference, unless they closely follow the download log? Thats fine.

> ¹ you can tell apt/jessie via [arch+=all] in the sources list to grab
> binary-all for you if a user would like to use by then oldstable
> (=jessie) with testing (=buster) sources.

As we dont officially support jumping over a release, that sounds ok.

bye, Joerg

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