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Re: Truely architecture-specific Packages files


On Fri, 2015-10-30 at 15:56 +0100, David Kalnischkies wrote:
> At the moment binary-any/Packages includes information about arch:any
> and arch:all packages. The Debian archive ships a binary-all/Packages
> file however which only includes arch:all. Wouldn't it make sense to
> drop the arch:all info from binary-any/Packages and instead let the
> clients download (multiple) binary-any's and binary-all?

Please note that binary-any's and binary-all's Packages indices show
different versions for the arch:all packages: in binary-all, all
arch:all packages are visible. For arch:any, newer arch:all packages
from sources building both arch-indep + arch-dep packages are hidden
until the arch-dep packages arrive.

Example: src:foo builds foo:any and foo-data:all. foo*=1 is in the
archive, the maintainer uploads src:foo=2, foo:amd64=2 and foo-
data:all=2. Then binary-amd64 shows foo{,-data}=2, binary-all shows
foo-data=2, but binary-i386 still shows foo-data=1. (Older versions
might still appear too.)

If this hiding logic was not available, packages would be not
installable until new builds arrive. In the example, foo:i386=1 would
no longer be installable once foo-data=2 appears as apt only considers
the higest version of the foo-data package.

So for apt to use binary-all's Packages, I think it would have to
consider not only the highest version. This mostly affects unstable and
experimental, but security and even stable sometimes also have versions
going out of sync between arrchitecture.


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