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Re: Canonicalising suites

On 13772 March 1977, Ian Jackson wrote:
>> And then one query could be "all in NEW", as well as "is XY in NEW?"
>> Though the latter may need two, or a flag, or something. "ONLY in NEW"
>> and "again in NEW".
> Yes.  If the package is not in NEW and not in the rest of the archive,
> then I should delete it from the dgit-repos.  To avoid atomicity
> problems, I need all the information at once.

I had a few minutes of time and just committed something. I'm not sure
its 100% correct but it should let you query some things:


should give you a list of sourcepackages source/version for a given
suite. Suite can be sid,jessie,unstable,new,... (whatever the suites
query lists).


should give you all sources with source/version. I'm not returning a
list of suites here for the sources (yet?), as that turns out to let the
query run for 2 minutes instead of just a few seconds. Maybe optionally

bye, Joerg
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