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Re: Canonicalising suites

Joerg Jaspert writes ("Re: Canonicalising suites"):
> On 13771 March 1977, Ian Jackson wrote:
> > This is because (as per an IRC conversation) the dgit repos server
> > will initially create repos in a way that leaves them
> > non-world-readable, so as to avoid problems with unredistrinutable
> > packages in NEW becoming accessible via dgit-repos.
> And then one query could be "all in NEW", as well as "is XY in NEW?"
> Though the latter may need two, or a flag, or something. "ONLY in NEW"
> and "again in NEW".

Yes.  If the package is not in NEW and not in the rest of the archive,
then I should delete it from the dgit-repos.  To avoid atomicity
problems, I need all the information at once.


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