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Re: Canonicalising suites

On 13771 March 1977, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Mark Hymers writes ("Re: Canonicalising suites"):
>> As I mentioned before,
>> https://api.ftp-master.debian.org/suites> will give a list of suites.
>> I've also added:
>> https://api.ftp-master.debian.org/suite/unstable> https://api.ftp-master.debian.org/suite/sid
> Can I request another service here ?

That api is just started and has lotsa room to extend, so yes, one can
request a LOAD of things. :)

> I'd like a list of `all source package names', without having to
> specify a suite.

Thats a huge result you will get returned. But yes, makes sense.
Also, "all sources in suite X".

> This is because (as per an IRC conversation) the dgit repos server
> will initially create repos in a way that leaves them
> non-world-readable, so as to avoid problems with unredistrinutable
> packages in NEW becoming accessible via dgit-repos.

And then one query could be "all in NEW", as well as "is XY in NEW?"
Though the latter may need two, or a flag, or something. "ONLY in NEW"
and "again in NEW".

> If this is difficult or awkward then I can make a list of the packages
> which I think might still be in NEW and query them individually in sid
> and experimental but I'd rather not hardcode the Debian suites.

>From what I've seen of the api, it seems easy to extend.

bye, Joerg
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