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Re: build profiles support of buildd infrastructure

Hi Ansgar,

Quoting Ansgar Burchardt (2014-02-25 11:39:03)
> Note that the archive software runs on Debian stable. So ftp-master.d.o will
> only be able to process packages using build profiles once APT in stable
> supports the new syntax.

yes, we are aware of that. But since the patches for apt already exist and are
only a rework of another version which the apt maintainers only had minor
problems with (which should be fixed in the current version of the patch) I'm
confident that whatever apt version ends up in jessie can have that patch

Because of that we want to make sure that jessie is released with all required
software supporting build profiles. Because then, once jessie is released and
buildds are running jessie, we can upload packages with the new syntax. It
would be a pity if we had to wait for yet another release cycle because one of
the required elements does not work.

> Does lintian handle the field correctly?

I'm currently preparing a patch for that too. It doesnt look difficult and the
Lintian maintainers were quite supportive.

cheers, josch

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