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Re: build profiles support of buildd infrastructure

Hi Adam,

Quoting Adam D. Barratt (2014-02-25 11:35:37)
> > The more general issue is that you need dpkg in stable to support them.
> > 
> > A lot of Debian infrastructure that touches source packages runs on
> > stable (for fairly obvious reasons) and expects things like
> > "dpkg-source -x" o just work[tm].

Debian testing already includes dpkg (>> 1.17.2) so dpkg should support the
required bits in jessie.

> Replying to myself, I'm not sure extracting the package actually cares about
> the syntax of Build-Depends. Lots of other things will though, like pbuilder
> and lintian.

I didnt know that pbuilder was used? Do the buildds not use sbuild instead?

The reason that I didnt write a patch for pbuilder yet is only because parsing
the Build-Depends syntax in bash does not look very pleasant to my eyes :) Is
pbuilder support needed for the buildds? Then I put the pbuilder patch higher
on my list of priorities.

cheers, josch

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