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Re: build profiles support of buildd infrastructure


On 02/25/2014 10:55, Johannes Schauer wrote:
> I have no clue about wanna-build or dak so I wouldnt even know whether uploaded
> packages fail at all with the new Build-Depends syntax. If they rely on libdpkg
> to parse the Build-Depends line then only minimal changes might be needed. If
> they rely on apt, then things will probably work out fine as well once the
> patch I submitted [2] is integrated. Same goes for dose3 which had support for
> the above syntax since version 3.1.

dak uses the libraries provided by APT. I'm not sure if there are other
parts that break, but we could try once the support is included in APT.

Note that the archive software runs on Debian stable. So ftp-master.d.o
will only be able to process packages using build profiles once APT in
stable supports the new syntax.

> But maybe more adaption is needed? If yes, could you point me to the relevant
> pieces of code?

Does lintian handle the field correctly?


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