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Re: Import existing packages

On 13305 March 1977, Keith Moyer wrote:

> In support of a company project, I've created a local repository using
> dak.  I am able to compile packages and incorporate them via
> unchecked/new/etc.  While this will certainly be applicable for a number of
> needed packages, I would also like to save some effort, if possible, and
> import packages from the official Debian repositories when no
> customizations are necessary.

Why don't you just mirror them using any of ftpsync, debmirror or
reprepro and publish them alongside your local repository, just having 2
sources.list line then? Seems easier?

> dak import appeared to be that for which I was looking, and I can, indeed,
> run that command on source and binary packages to appear in the tree.  The
> problem comes in that they don't then appear in the Packages.gz file.  I've
> tried various promising sounding commands to correct this, to no avail.

> I understand dak is "unrelease alpha software", but if anyone can give me a
> pointer on how to seed a repository with packages pulled from another
> repository, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Never having used dak import, it does sound like you didnt use -a to get
the overrides? How do your {src,bin}_associations look like? Or easier,
whats a control-suite -l saying? Does dak know the package X is in suite Y?

bye, Joerg
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