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Import existing packages

In support of a company project, I've created a local repository using dak.  I am able to compile packages and incorporate them via unchecked/new/etc.  While this will certainly be applicable for a number of needed packages, I would also like to save some effort, if possible, and import packages from the official Debian repositories when no customizations are necessary.

dak import appeared to be that for which I was looking, and I can, indeed, run that command on source and binary packages to appear in the tree.  The problem comes in that they don't then appear in the Packages.gz file.  I've tried various promising sounding commands to correct this, to no avail.

I understand dak is "unrelease alpha software", but if anyone can give me a pointer on how to seed a repository with packages pulled from another repository, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.

 - Keith Moyer

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