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Re: Import existing packages

Thank you for the response!

On 08/16/2013 12:20 AM, Matthias Klumpp wrote:
> Did you do a "dak generate-packages-sources2 && dak generate-releases"?
I did, indeed; many times, in fact (including just now).  It's the first
thing I tried, and I kept trying them after various combinations of
other generate-* commands.  The only package that shows up in the
Packages.gz is the one package I compiled myself and added via unchecked
with the .changes file.
dak control-suite -l unstable shows them all, but they just never make
it to the Packages file.  The postgresql database has all of the
packages in "binaries" and "source", but not in "changes" (which makes
sense since I imported using the .dsc and .deb files and didn't have a
.changes file).  Could that be the root of the issue?
> The imported packages should show up then.
The fact that my expectations were correct is something, I suppose. :-)
> Btw, for a smaller archive, dak is an overkill ;-)
I suspected as such.  However, the references I saw seemed to mention
dak as the "proper" way, so I thought I'd at least give it a shot before
settling for something else.  The need for this will not become urgent
for quite some time, so I have time to fiddle with it...

However, since you broached the subject, what repository setup would you
recommend?  We will have a system image built with debootstrap, with
some of the packages modified and additional packages added.  We would
be required to build this image as it was at any point in time in the
past (at any future date, we need to be able to recreate the 20130816
version of the image, for instance).  We wouldn't want to be pulling the
packages down over the WAN every time, so having them mirrored locally
is a must (and not having to recompile everything to change a suite name
or resign it would be great).  Also, it would greatly simplify things if
we could have all the right packages be installed with the initial
debootstrap instead of it getting vanilla packages then having to chroot
in and modify it.

Thanks again!

- Keith

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