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[dakbot/master] Do not warn/unlock users if NEW lock is held [dak/master] add archive option [dak/master] Add BinaryTimestampCheck. [dak/master] Add export subcommand to export upload from policy queues. [dak/master] add export-suite subcommand to export a suite to a flat directory [dak/master] Also send announcements when accepting uploads from policy queues. [dak/master] Always copy source when accepting uploads from policy queues. [dak/master] bad ) [dak/master] change documentation style [dak/master] config/*/common: do not touch incoming [dak/master] config/*/dak.conf: set Dir::Base [dak/master] config/debian/common: also process BYHAND [dak/master] config/debian/cron.weekly: use bash [dak/master] * config/debian/dinstall.functions: Fix up mklslar a bit [dak/master] config/debian/*: update for multiarchive changes [dak/master] config/*/dinstall.functions: include Built-Using sources [dak/master] config/*/dinstall.functions: use files_archive_map instead of location [dak/master] Correctly load comments text while rejecting a package with comments [dak/master] dak/ add archive subcommand [dak/master] dak/ new suites need an archive [dak/master] dak/ update for multi-archive changes [dak/master] dak/ update for multi-archive changes [dak/master] dak/ allow limiting file removal to specific archives [dak/master] dak/ (check_sources): af_bin.last_used can be NULL [dak/master] dak/ implement per-archive stay of execution [dak/master] dak/ indicate no-option run in log messages [dak/master] dak/ remove TODO comment [dak/master] dak/ silence output [dak/master] dak/ update for multi-archive changes [dak/master] dak/ use '>' instead of '>=' [dak/master] dak/, daklib/ add archive option [dak/master] dak/ prefetch files table when looking up a binary or source package [dak/master] dak/ update for multi-archive changes [dak/master] dak/dakdb/ fix adding architectures for new and byhand [dak/master] dak/dakdb/ add closes to changes table [dak/master] dak/dakdb/ move stayofexecution to the database [dak/master] dak/dakdb/ alter permissions for new tables and set default permissions [dak/master] dak/dakdb/ add world schema and new stable views [dak/master] dak/dakdb/ Use || operator instead of CONCAT to make postgresql 9.0 happy [dak/master] dak/ skip suites that are backends for policy queues [dak/master] dak/ dereference symlink by using ls -lL [dak/master] dak/ use basename of .deb to get package name [dak/master] dak/ be silent [dak/master] dak/, daklib/ ignore existing files [dak/master] dak/ skip existing files [dak/master] dak/ add archive option [dak/master] dak/ also import Archive from daklib.dbconn [dak/master] dak/ remove .all() when we need the query object [dak/master] dak/ update for multi-archive [dak/master] dak/ add archive option [dak/master] dak/ handle empty list of signingkeys [dak/master] dak/ do not use Dir::Pool [dak/master] dak/ only create directories for active keyrings [dak/master] daklib/ add missing field name for mail header. [dak/master] daklib/ fix typo [dak/master] daklib/ use correct subst dict when closing bugs [dak/master] daklib/ also ignore files from .changes that do not exist [dak/master] daklib/ check for source when copying binaries [dak/master] daklib/, daklib/ implement transition blocks [dak/master] daklib/, daklib/ implement upload blocks [dak/master] daklib/ doc: only subqueries are accepted [dak/master] daklib/ don't check hashes when copying upload to temporary location [dak/master] daklib/ fix automatic byhand processing [dak/master] daklib/ guess source component even with component mappings [dak/master] daklib/ handle unexpected names for byhand files [dak/master] daklib/ ignore missing source files when copying to temporary directory [dak/master] daklib/ implement component mappings [dak/master] daklib/ (install_binary): fix use of source_suites [dak/master] daklib/ silence output when unpacking source [dak/master] daklib/ source for policy queue uploads may be in target suite [dak/master] daklib/ try to get all source files from pool, even when listed in changes [dak/master] daklib/ use first component for NEW packages if we don't have a better guess [dak/master] daklib/ use method to decide which policy queue to use [dak/master] daklib/ use only enhanced suites as default source_suites [dak/master] daklib/ use SQLAlchemy 0.6 syntax for join [dak/master] daklib/ use target suite as source_suite when installing to build queues [dak/master] daklib/ add missing join [dak/master] daklib/ allow DMs to upload to all suites [dak/master] daklib/, daklib/ check for source files [dak/master] daklib/ make version check slightly more verbose [dak/master] daklib/ set control variable [dak/master] daklib/ use apt_pkg.version_compare correctly [dak/master] daklib/ add find_i method [dak/master] daklib/ close db session after use [dak/master] daklib/ update for multi-archive changes [dak/master] daklib/ use filter() instead of filter_by() [dak/master] daklib/ add basename property to PoolFile [dak/master] daklib/ add path property to Suite [dak/master] daklib/ DBBinary.get_component_name is gone, use PoolFile.component instead [dak/master] daklib/ (PoolFile): add component property [dak/master] daklib/ remove two unused backreferences [dak/master] daklib/ use apt_pkg.TagSection instead of implementing our own parser [dak/master] daklib/ update for multiarch changes [dak/master] daklib/ also import Suite from daklib.dbconn [dak/master] daklib/ handle mapped components [dak/master] daklib/ re_field_source: fix matching version numbers [dak/master] daklib/ re_file_binary: arch names can have dashes [dak/master] daklib/ (check_reverse_depends): update for multi-archive changes [dak/master] daklib/ (gpg_get_key_addresses): prefer addresses [dak/master] daklib/ (poolify): no longer include component [dak/master] dak/ update for multi-archive changes [dak/master] dak/ update for multiarchive changes [dak/master] dak/ add archive option [dak/master] dak/ update for multi-archive changes [dak/master] dak/ update for multi-archive changes [dak/master] dak/ auto-accept uploads if we have all overrides [dak/master] dak/ update for multi-archive changes [dak/master] dak/, daklib/ fix bugs in new announce code [dak/master] dak/ escape '_' in string passed to SQL LIKE operator later [dak/master] dak/ only remove changes entey for rejected uploads [dak/master] dak/ update for multi-archive changes [dak/master] dak/ use the right source package [dak/master] dak/ add missing import [dak/master] dak/ add missing "not"; set subst variable at the right time [dak/master] dak/ convert exception to string [dak/master] dak/ ignore non-existing files when rejecting [dak/master] dak/ improve error message for ArchiveExceptions and Rejects [dak/master] dak/ include full changes file with signature [dak/master] dak/ only send mail to tracking server if accepted to real suite [dak/master] dak/ remove old inactive code; update some comments [dak/master] dak/ set __ANNOUNCE_LIST_ADDRESS__ subst variable [dak/master] dak/ update for multi-archive changes [dak/master] dak/ update for multi-archive changes [dak/master] dak/ use right variable [dak/master] dak/ variables are also used in 'else' branch [dak/master] dak/ update for multi-archive changes [dak/master] dak/ remove obsolete import [dak/master] dak/ update for multi-archive changes [dak/master] database changes for multi-archive support [dak/master] db schema 80 [dak/master] dinstall function changes [dak/master] Do not show absolute filenames in examine-packages [dak/master] don't send mails about accepted buildd uploads to maintainer [dak/master] dpkg is too stupid, use apt [dak/master] end() is not defined in daklib/ [dak/master] Ensure we always have when we need it [dak/master] error out if sql query fails [dak/master] Fix note display in Prod and Manual reject mode [dak/master] Fix permissions of policy_queue_byhand_file_id_seq [dak/master] Fix permissions of policy_queue_upload_id_seq [dak/master] Fix sorting of NEW packages to match new parameter names [dak/master] generate incoming.d.o view [dak/master] grant usage for world [dak/master] i bet noone uses this stuff, so i dont care. off with pipefail [dak/master] Implement get_login_from_ldap function [dak/master] Improve performances of get_logins_from_ldap [dak/master] indicate who rejected a package [dak/master] IT Crowd [dak/master] its suite not dist [dak/master] lalala [dak/master] make the export dir for (o-)p-u-new a bit more atomic [dak/master] move method to evaluate component mappings to [dak/master] move split_uploaders function to daklib.textutils [dak/master] name tmux window after the changes filename [dak/master] need a qdir, the dirnames are different to queuenames [dak/master] No longer present file listing, we have it elsewhere anyways [dak/master] process-new: examine binary packages with new overrides only [dak/master] Python modules should not be executable [dak/master] queue-report: display a note for packages marked ACCEPT or REJECT [dak/master] queue-report: fix display of sponsor email [dak/master] remove concat function [dak/master] remove newstage function [dak/master] rename policy queues [dak/master] renames [dak/master] Restore correct visualization of binary-NEW uploads only [dak/master] Restore dak process-new -c [dak/master] Restore sort of NEW changes [dak/master] Revert "config/*/common: do not touch incoming" [dak/master] Revert "daklib/ use apt_pkg.TagSection instead of implementing our own parser" [dak/master] rewrite code for sending mails about processed uploads [dak/master] right order. *sigh* [dak/master] right var name [dak/master] right version [dak/master] send announcement only for sourceful uploads [dak/master] Show correct actions while processing NEW queue [dak/master] Show fingerprint for deferred uploads (Closes: #684642) [dak/master] silence [dak/master] templates/process-unchecked.accepted: use only defined subst variables [dak/master] Use archive path instead of Dir::Root [dak/master] use "set -o pipefail" for shell scripts [dak/master] dak/dakdb/ fix typo: workd → world [dak/master] daklib/ session → self.session [dak/master] Fix typos in rm template, thanks Noel David Torres Taño [dak/master] want to use something from common? source it, bastard [dak/master] work, you beast multi-archive support in dak: fifth and final report [website/master] Add style for fingerprint elements in deferred uploads The last update was on 15:36 GMT Sun Aug 16. 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