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multi-archive support in dak: fifth and final report


this is my final report on my Google Summer of Code project to
implement multi-archive support in dak:

After implementing some last-minute features (per-archive file
removals to allow re-uploading packages to NEW right after a
rejection, allow to run clean-suites and some other tools to only
operate on specific archives), the remaining changes on my branch
were merged last weekend.

It turned out there were more minor bugs left than I expected,
including some that I was sure I already fixed in the past and I suspect
I lost a few commits somewhere...  Most of those were easy to fix, but
due to this updating the installation still took longer than I hoped

More bugs showed up during last week when the code was running and
processing new uploads to the archive.  I expect some more are still
hiding, but it seems to work okay in general.

With this I reached my goals for the Summer of Code project:

dak now handles multiple archives, currently the public archive and
multiple private ones for NEW, policy and build queues.  This is a
large step to use a single dak installation for backports.d.o and the
main archive, and to later add developer repositories.

Also as a side effect large parts of the code processing uploads were
rewritten and should handle errors better.

Some additional tools are still needed for the planned backports move
and the developer repositories: the backports team needs to be able to
manage their own NEW queue, to remove packages from the backports
suites, and to handle ACLs to control who can upload to them.  Also
there needs to be some way to manage developer repositories and it
would be nice if the buildd network would later support them as well.

My work can be found in the dak repository[1].

  [1] <https://ftp-master.debian.org/git/dak.git>


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