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[dak/master 1/2] add mvo quote [dak/master 1/2] Add workaround for Unicode support in database. [dak/master 1/2] Contents: support override suites. [dak/master 1/2] Don't remove sources which are referenced by other binaries [dak/master 1/2] Drop an unused view. [dak/master 1/2] during unchecked no longer recreate testing indices, only do them when importing new data there [dak/master 1/2] filter on active keyrings only [dak/master 1/2] Fix contents testcase. [dak/master 1/2] Fix dak update-db [dak/master 1/2] Fixup the regex [dak/master 1/2] Include all files (except directories) in bin_contents table. [dak/master 1/2] Link to the graphs instead of including them in deferred.html [dak/master 1/2] Map -proposed-updates properly [dak/master 1/2] Remove old contents code and tables. [dak/master 1/2] Replace SrcUploaders class by SQLA relationship. [dak/master 1/2] Rewrite 'dak contents bootstrap_bin' to use ContentsScanner. [dak/master 1/2] Start work on Packages import [dak/master 1/2] Write an additional arch all (only) file in generate-filelist. [dak/master 1/3] Add external-overrides. [dak/master 1/3] Add new class UnpackedSource and a new test. [dak/master 1/3] also call dak gps2 [dak/master 1/3] Fix SIGPIPE errors in source contents scan. [dak/master 1/3] Fix up config file [dak/master 1/3] Split binary contents into components. [dak/master 1/4] Add the *FileWriter helper classes. [dak/master 1/4] Contents: use the new string_agg() function of Pg9. [dak/master 1/4] First pass at extra_src_references table [dak/master 1/4] generate Packages/Sources directly from database [dak/master 1/4] Refactor class ContentsWriter to prepare for source contents. [dak/master 1/4] Rewrite make-maintainers from scratch. [dak/master 1/4] Switch to multiprocessing module and reap child gzips. [dak/master 1/5] process-upload: Dinstall::LintianTags may not be set [dak/master 1/5] Reap zombie children in scan_contents(). [dak/master 1/5] start a new generate-releases [dak/master 1/6] Move version_checks to the database [dak/master 1/7] Add a simple multiprocessing wrapper to catch exceptions [dak/master 1/7] Add table build_queue_policy_files. [dak/master 1/8] Implement and test class ContentsWriter. [dak/master 1/8] Rename ContentsScanner to BinaryContentsScanner. [dak/master 1/8] Save a dummy filename for packages without files. [dak/master 2/2] Add and enable data collection and graphing for the DEFERRED queues. [dak/master 2/2] Add Built-Using support [dak/master 2/2] And make the whitespace something useful [dak/master 2/2] Be more robust to missing suites [dak/master 2/2] bugfix [dak/master 2/2] bugfixes [dak/master 2/2] deal with NULL source_acls [dak/master 2/2] Don't contradict ourselves within 2 lines [dak/master 2/2] Extend debugging info for DBSource. [dak/master 2/2] goodbye comments [dak/master 2/2] metadata generation work [dak/master 2/2] move to service usage [dak/master 2/2] Remove bin_assoc_by_arch from [dak/master 2/2] Rename DB upgrade #43 to #44. [dak/master 2/2] Replace DBConn.reset() by something more robust. [dak/master 2/2] Scan 10.000 files per unchecked run. [dak/master 2/2] Yield utf-8 encoded strings from DBBinary.scan_contents(). [dak/master 2/3] bugfix [dak/master 2/3] Don't assume arch 'all' has id 2 in daklib/ [dak/master 2/3] generate-packages-sources2: Add external overrides [dak/master 2/3] More fixes for suite_suffix [dak/master 2/3] process-upload: Add counter for rejected packages [dak/master 2/3] Use UnpackedSource in make-changelog. [dak/master 2/4] Add a new subcommand 'generate_helper' to 'dak contents'. [dak/master 2/4] Add class SourceContentsWriter. [dak/master 2/4] Add missing stuff to make-maintainers. [dak/master 2/4] Do no longer re-exec dak contents. [dak/master 2/4] First pass at P/S database schema [dak/master 2/4] sort generated Packages and Sources [dak/master 2/4] various bugfixes [dak/master 2/5] a shorter version for attribs/subattribs, thanks mark [dak/master 2/5] Return some useful values from scan_all(). [dak/master 2/5] Add parser for Package-Set field in .dsc [dak/master 2/6] control-suite: Validate version_checks [dak/master 2/7] build queues: add support for files from policy queues [dak/master 2/7] generate-filelist: Use dakmultiprocessing [dak/master 2/8] Add class SourceContentsScanner. [dak/master 2/8] Add header to Contents files. [dak/master 2/8] Add small test package hello_2.2-1_i386.deb. [dak/master 3/3] bugfix [dak/master 3/3] daklib/ add logger parameter [dak/master 3/3] Fix DB tests. [dak/master 3/3] generate-packages-sources2: respect overridesuite [dak/master 3/3] Improve exception handling in make-changelog. [dak/master 3/3] More fixes for stupid suitesuffix stuff [dak/master 3/4] Add logging to make-maintainers. [dak/master 3/4] bugfixes [dak/master 3/4] Contents: ignore errors when removing destination file. [dak/master 3/4] generate-packages-sources2: various bugs fixed [dak/master 3/4] Implement SourceContentsFileWriter. [dak/master 3/4] set db schema version [dak/master 3/4] Start writing source contents. [dak/master 3/5] Make SQLAlchemy's pool parameters configurable. [dak/master 3/5] mark doesnt like ; even though he gave me one [dak/master 3/5] queue.Upload: separate code to load .dsc from check_dsc [dak/master 3/6] admin: Add version-check subcommands. [dak/master 3/7] Add send_to_build_queues to policy_queue table [dak/master 3/7] generate-packages-sources2: Use dakmultiprocessing [dak/master 3/8] Add method scan_contents() to class DBBinary. [dak/master 3/8] Add subcommand source-scan to 'dak contents'. [dak/master 3/8] bugfixes [dak/master 4/4] Add more logging to contents generate. [dak/master 4/4] Add order column to metadata_keys [dak/master 4/4] Add PackagesFileWriter and SourcesFileWriter. [dak/master 4/4] Improve source contents logging a bit. [dak/master 4/4] Update dinstall for new makemaintainers. [dak/master 4/4] Use 'dak contents generate_helper'. [dak/master 4/4] Use PK at twerners suggestion [dak/master 4/5] Add an explicit cascade rule for BinContents. [dak/master 4/5] incomplete, non-working, just to give over [dak/master 4/5] Make use of Package-Set in determine_new [dak/master 4/6] update52: Add version_check table. [dak/master 4/7] dakmultiprocessing: Add a helpful comment [dak/master 4/7] Handle build queues for all policy queues [dak/master 4/8] Add new class ContentsScanner. [dak/master 4/8] bugfixes [dak/master 4/8] Implement class method ContentsWriter.write_all(). [dak/master 5/5] Add a test for the new cascade rule. [dak/master 5/5] New g-r command [dak/master 5/5] process-new: allow overrides to work for Package-Set [dak/master 5/6] control-suite: Correct typo and error message [dak/master 5/7] Add files from .dsc, but not in .changes to changes_pool_files [dak/master 5/7] generate-packages-sources2: Use new filewriter [dak/master 5/8] Add missing filter for query in scan_all(). [dak/master 5/8] Rename contents subcommands to be consistent with metadata. [dak/master 5/8] some bugfixes [dak/master 6/6] update-db: Increase required schema version to 52 [dak/master 6/7] dakmultiprocessing: close all session [dak/master 6/7] determine_new: Really make `new' an empty dict [dak/master 6/8] Assume that all filenames are iso8859-1 encoded. [dak/master 6/8] Handle exceptions in dak contents scan-source. [dak/master 6/8] Update ContentsTestCase to the current formatting. [dak/master 7/7] admin: Show options set in configuration database [dak/master 7/7] show-new: Use dakmultiprocessing [dak/master 7/8] Optimize file rename in dak generate. [dak/master 7/8] Rewrite most of dak/ [dak/master 7/8] Support utf-8 encoding as a primary encoding for filenames. [dak/master 8/8] bugfix [dak/master 8/8] bugfixes [dak/master 8/8] Refactor functions getSource() and getBinaries(). [dak/master] 0 pad month and day [dak/master] Actually call the functions... [dak/master] add a bit more verbose logging [dak/master] Add an explicit cascade rule for BinContents. [dak/master] Add commands to list keyrings [dak/master] Add external-overrides to byhand scripts. [dak/master] Add filename de-duplication to contents scanning. [dak/master] Add logging to update-db including transaction id. [dak/master] Add Metadata classes + tests. [dak/master] Add method reset() to class DBConn() and test it. [dak/master] Add missing 'dists' directory to method output_filename(). [dak/master] Add missing directories in [dak/master] add repuser as known user [dak/master] add ries [dak/master] Add self. to rejects [dak/master] Add table src_contents. [dak/master] add the new keyrings to the queueds [dak/master] add the syncscript for ries. also call it hourly [dak/master] Add workaround for duplicate filenames in contents. [dak/master] allow null versions [dak/master] Allow per-suite signing keys [dak/master] allow squeeze-updates to be reset [dak/master] Allow us to mark keyrings as no longer in use [dak/master] And don't strip the leading / anymore [dak/master] and one = is enough for the scripts [dak/master] And the right arguments [dak/master] and use a gnupghome [dak/master] Apply update 56 [dak/master] autosigning foo [dak/master] Avoid using an SQL keyword as a column name [dak/master] Break hardlink when writing Contents files. [dak/master] bugfix [dak/master] byhand-di: allow YYYYMMDD+<suite>x version numbers [dak/master] Call dak contents bootstrap_bin from unchecked. [dak/master] change to using the debian buildd host list [dak/master] Close log so we log program end [dak/master] close logger [dak/master] Comment out results gathering to test for hang failure [dak/master] Commit uncommitted fix [dak/master] Configure and test more mapper relationships. [dak/master] Consolidate warning configuration even more. [dak/master] Consolidate warnings to support dak rm, too. [dak/master] Contents: replace multithreading by multiprocessing. [dak/master] Create temp directory at the preferred location. [dak/master] daklib/ handle Dinstall::SuiteSuffix [dak/master] daklib/ f.poolfile might be None [dak/master] database backup foo [dak/master] [dak/master] dinstall - dont recompress .xz files [dak/master] dinstall - mirror [dak/master] dinstall - use xz for pg dumps, and use a | xargs instead of while [dak/master] Do not sync lock/stages/ to ries. [dak/master] Don't die on a single error [dak/master] Don't sync apt-ftparchive caches [dak/master] dont have GOODSIG in the output [dak/master] enable the buildd keyring stuff [dak/master] Enable the new contents generation for experimental. [dak/master] Excluding more directories from syncing. [dak/master] Fix a comment in [dak/master] Fix and improve cron.unchecked. [dak/master] Fix copy-paste error. [dak/master] Fix database permissions [dak/master] Fix generate_release to include the Architecture: line in subrelease files. [dak/master] Fix reject message generation [dak/master] Fix Release file hardlink handling [dak/master] Fix table src_contents. [dak/master] Fix typo [dak/master] Fix unicode issue in show-deferred. [dak/master] Fix up function call [dak/master] Fix up output path for security [dak/master] Fix up permissions [dak/master] Fix very bad logic error [dak/master] fixes [dak/master] Fully rename bootstrap_bin to scan. [dak/master] function pg_timestamp [dak/master] G [dak/master] generate-filelist: Use multiprocessing [dak/master] Get function name right... [dak/master] gps [dak/master] gps timeout/error handling [dak/master] Handle empty packages in 'dak contents scan'. [dak/master] holy fuck goddamn lunatics [dak/master] i hate gpg [dak/master] ignore gpg errors [dak/master] Ignore missing source file in process-new. [dak/master] Ignore more python-apt warnings. [dak/master] Ignore more warnings from python-apt. [dak/master] Ignore yet another warning in cruft-report. [dak/master] Improve db conf handling [dak/master] its true damnit [dak/master] just one admin keyring [dak/master] less : [dak/master] Let's hope nobody reads THAT commit! [dak/master] license [dak/master] Load keyring names from the database instead of the config file [dak/master] make check_overrides not delete stuff thats not at least 14 days old [dak/master] Make getArchAll() multithread safe. [dak/master] make sure we've applied distribution maps before trying to use the distribution [dak/master] Mark dsc as invalid if we find any reject reasons [dak/master] mention who submitted the key [dak/master] Metadata: add cascading to mapper configuration. [dak/master] mhy, das kruemelmonster [dak/master] Move all files in split_done; we're going to start writing them straight out that way anyways [dak/master] moved ddaccess push into locks [dak/master] no deferred queue [dak/master] no longer pgdatabase [dak/master] no need for extra step [dak/master] not needing 027 [dak/master] off you are [dak/master] only run when there is something to do. also only update the keyrings for dsa if there was a change [dak/master] ORMObject: make validation more robust. [dak/master] Our log function expects a single list argument [dak/master] parse scriptvars, not . vars [dak/master] Patch in support for service= DSN syntax [dak/master] Prepare for pg 9.0 [dak/master] Proper fix for validate problem [dak/master] Provide a way to set Pg's work_mem from dak. [dak/master] Put changes files straight into the hashed queue/done dir [dak/master] Really update to DB version #44. [dak/master] Remove more debug code (sigh) [dak/master] remove pgdakdev [dak/master] ries sync [dak/master] run i-u-f-p inside c.h and not inside crontab [dak/master] Run linearly until we can debug why the multiprocessing stuff hangs [dak/master] s/colour/color/ [dak/master] shutup [dak/master] sick [dak/master] Somehow it helps to actually use the admin keyrings [dak/master] Stupid warning messages! [dak/master] Switch to 'dak contents generate'. [dak/master] The weasel wants another path name [dak/master] Tidy up logging [dak/master] Try building binary-all for buildd [dak/master] untabify [dak/master] updates [dak/master] use service name [dak/master] use a special signing key instead [dak/master] Use the newdists dir as temporary output dir for g-p-s2. [dak/master] Use UnpackedSource in [dak/master] validate is somehow causing a double flush; comment for now [dak/master] Walk the right path when suite_suffix is in use [dak/master] we do want -n1, not -n16. we want as many parallel xz as we can [dak/master] Whoops - remove debug code [dak/master] Work with service mode [dak/master] Write full section to Contents files. [dak/master] wtf? [dak/master] yuck, that was one debug line too much ending up in commit [PATCH] byhand-di: allow YYYYMMDD+<suite>x version numbers [website/master 1/2] FTP Team changes [website/master 1/2] squeeze isnt testing anymore [website/master 2/2] Add some elements in TOC [website/master 2/2] add stats The last update was on 06:37 GMT Thu May 30. There are 299 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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