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Re: arch lists with 'all' and machine architectures

On Sun, Feb 21, 2010 at 11:52:25PM -0500, Craig Prescott wrote:
> That is, 'alpha' is not in the arch list, even though 'all' is.
> My buildd's @sbuild_args includes '--arch-all'.  Shouldn't this
> package have tried to build?
> It's also not clear to me why a .dsc file would contain an
> Architecture list with 'all' as well as a list of machine
> architectures.  Is it a reasonable thing to do?  I didn't expect it.

You should look into the difference of arch:all and arch:any.  Also you
cannot expect at this point that you can build arch:all on architectures
that are not in the list (i.e. are not covered by either any or an
entry with their architecture).

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