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Re: Re: Re: How to use dak??

Hi,Frederic Lehobey:
    According hint of the page --  --
    you supported to me, I have already create the database projectb, and then type
	the command "psql projectb" to create GROUP ftpmaster with the command of "CREATE GROUP ftpmaster".
    and then ADD USER "deb-dak".
    Next, you give the command of "cd /usr/share/dak ; neve -a". the neve will execute the
    command "psql -f init_pool.sql template1", I type this command and it gives the error:

    ERROR:  group "ftpmaster" does not exist

    I look at the script file init_poo.sql, I find thant it creates projectb database once again.
    so the group ftpmaster added before is not valid.
    So, I add the this two lines in the init_pool.sql behind the line "\c projectb" as follows:
    \c projectb;
    CREATE GROUP ftpmaster;
    ALTER GROUP ftpmaster ADD USER "deb-dak";

	it works normally!

	Am I right or something mistake by me ???
    Thanks a lot for any help!!

======= 2006-11-19 19:34:32 Original Message=======

>On Sun, Nov 19, 2006 at 07:13:32PM +0800, Zhibin.Guan wrote:
>> Thank you for your help.but I can't visit the page 
>> http://lehobey-rennes.dyndns.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=doc:dak:dak#mes_installations 
>> I don't know why.
>That is weird. Try:
>or if you have access to IPv6:
>> furthermore,I can't speak French, so even if I can visit your page,I can't understand
>> that. what a pity!
>No. Actually, all the (copied) command lines are regular and written
>in English. Only the comments are in French (and they closely follow
>the README you are reading) so I believe you can understand much.
>Best regards,
>Fr??ic Lehobey
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