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How to use dak??

      Recently, I want to make a large debian pool repository to make a debian ftp mirror,
	  however, I don't know how to use debian archive kit.
	  I read the document of dak,it said that:
    o Write your own katie.conf and apt.conf files.  katie looks for those
	  config files in /etc/katie/.  /etc/katie/katie.conf can define
	  alternative configuration files with Config::host::KatieConfig and
	  Config::host::AptConfig (where "host" is the fully qualified domain
	  name of your machine). 
	o Create a PostgreSQL database on the host given in katie.conf's DB::Host
	  with the name specified in DB::Name.
	o Run rose: this will create all directories which are specified in
	  katie.conf and apt.conf.
    but, how to creat the  PostgreSQL database??
	please help me.Thanks !

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