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Re: Name poll (Was: New name: Call for opinions)

On Tue, 23 Sep 2008, Vagrant Cascadian wrote:

well, i really think "Integrated Debian Distribution" is worth
considering. or "Integrated Debian Subdistribution". though i see some
weakness in the term "Distribution", i don't see it as the primary
problem for CDD, rather the "Custom" was the primary issue. maybe not...

In case you have any proposal currently not on the poll but want me to
add it,  please use the syntax:

   Andreas please add the name "..." to the poll.

and i prefer "Integrated Debian Projects" over "Debian Integrated
Projects". something about it just makes more sense to me.

So well, you and me are the only ones who voted positively for this item
and I would call this a missinterpretation of your proposal and so I
changed the poll to this suggestion.  The chance for missinterpretation
is drastically reduced if people use the syntax above.

One technical question: I did not really found an "official" way to change
your vote (which has to be done once the poll changes by adding / fixing
an option).  I was clever enough to store the link from my first voting
which included some


arguments.  This worked for me - but I have no idea what to do if you
do not have the credential argument (the two above are not enough).

it is an shame that flavour is also spelled flavor, as i think Debian
Integrated Flavor or Integrated Debian Flavour ... really hits home with
the Integrated clearly defining that it's part of Debian, and Flavour
making it a nice food related analogy.

Debian Integrated Focus ? (or my usual Integrated first preference..)

Please see above.  IMHO we do not need more "random" suggestions.

Kind regards



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