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Re: Name poll (Was: New name: Call for opinions)

On Tue, Sep 23, 2008 at 09:38:02PM +0200, Andreas Tille wrote:
> OK, so I hope doodle is a good tool to reach this.  I started a poll at
>     http://doodle.ch/ggey86bvqnmcnuyb

thank you. filled it out...

> by the trying to choose the most promising proposals in the sequence
> they were issued and picked some from the Wiki page [1] that sounded
> promissing.  I did not add any name suggestion that contains the term
> "Distribution" because I think that this is the most problematic part
> of CDD.  If you do not agree just write me an e-mail which name you
> want to see added.  Please also write me an e-mail if you think I
> forgot a promissing suggestion (and sorry in advance if I missed
> your favourite one).

well, i really think "Integrated Debian Distribution" is worth
considering. or "Integrated Debian Subdistribution". though i see some
weakness in the term "Distribution", i don't see it as the primary
problem for CDD, rather the "Custom" was the primary issue. maybe not...

and i prefer "Integrated Debian Projects" over "Debian Integrated
Projects". something about it just makes more sense to me.

clearly, "none of the above" is something worth mentioning, or simply a
category called "Debian", as several people have mentioned it thus far.

it is an shame that flavour is also spelled flavor, as i think Debian
Integrated Flavor or Integrated Debian Flavour ... really hits home with
the Integrated clearly defining that it's part of Debian, and Flavour
making it a nice food related analogy.

Debian Integrated Focus ? (or my usual Integrated first preference..)

gah. i said i didn't want to get too deeply into this... i've already
got a half-dozen more ideas.

live well,

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