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Re: New name: Call for opinions

On Tue, 23 Sep 2008, Holger Levsen wrote:

Finding a consensus takes time

... and a strategy.  Throwing in more and more names is no strategy.

(and a good name

How do you define "good" name.  I bet you never will find a name that
is considered "good" by random people lurking on the list.  I define
"acceptable" name as a name that is not missleading and nobody raises
honest problems against it.

and the will to find consensus).

I'm not sure that there is such a will - but I refuse to continue
promoting a good concept under a wrong name.  That's why we need
some new name - if not with a consensus than with "some general
agreement" or a vote or any other means that might lead to a
result instead of endless discussion which just drains time that
might be spend for coding.

If you push for a fast decision, it's harder to reach consensus.

As I said: I doubt that a consensus can be reached.  We just spend
time for hours with this kind of discussion.  I would love to code
in this time.

I dont think we are in a hurry. At all.

That's no excuse for not changing anything in a reasonable time

Kind regards



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