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Unable to get SimpleCDD to recognize custom packages

I'm having problems getting SimpleCDD to recognize/use all the packages I want to include in my custom CD. I'm sure it's oversight or lack of knowledge on my part. Here is what I'm using for my configuration.

I have a local partial Debian mirror that contains our custom packages


It has the following components: serrano main nymgy nymgy-free nymgy-dev

I've ran "build-simple-cdd --profiles-udeb-dist sid" to create the partial package mirror in /home/<username>/tmp/mirror (/home/<username>/ being my working directory for this project). I need to use the partial package mirror to create the Debian CD with the basic installation files, but I also need to include our custom packages from /var/ftp/debian.

I've created a profile called serrano in /home/<username>/profiles.

Here is my profiles/serrano.conf:
export ARCHES="i386 amd64"
mirror_components="main nymgy nymgy-free nymgy-dev"

I tried adding the .deb filenames in /var/ftp/debian/nymgy to profiles/serrano.packages, but when I checked the ISO after building it, they weren't included on the CD. So I zapped profiles/serrano.packages for now.

I also have a preseed file that is attempting to pass a configuration option to Postfix when it gets to that point, but right now that's not a pressing issue. Otherwise my preseed file is empty.

I'm building the CD using "build-smple-cdd --profiles serrano --local-packages /var/ftp/debian --conf /home/mikey/profiles/serrano.conf". It creates the CD just fine. I can install and boot to a Debian system, but I can't find my packages. I have the feeling that I'm missing just some basic information on how to use this, whether it's syntax or understanding how it works, that is preventing me from successfully creating my cd.

My main problem at this point in time is "How do I tell it to use the /var/ftp/debian/nymgy/*.deb packages?".

Any information, tips, tricks, documentation, or suggestions that anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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