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RE: File on system created by you or by a script...

>> I'm getting the following in syslog when trying to install a custom CD of Debian I created.

>Could you please describe the way you created this "custom CD" a little bit
>more verbose.  There were severe missunderstandings in the past.  Most probably
>you might have used SimpleCDD.  If so Vagrant is possibly able to answer your

>Kind regards

>       Andreas.


I am using SimpleCDD to try and create this. This specific error is being encountered when it tried to install the postfix package. After researching this issue yesterday, the problem is occurring when the postfix installer prompts for what configuration you want to install with. Because I never told it what value to use, the installer hangs waiting for a reply.

I did try using "postfix/main_mailer_type postfix/main_mailer_type No configuration postfix seen" in a preseed file hoping it would pass the "No Configuration" option to postfix, but I encountered other problems preventing me from testing it. I will probably start a separate thread for those issues and can update this again once I come back to this problem. I no longer have the ISO that was generating this problem but I thank you for your attention.

Mike Yust

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