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Re: Unable to get SimpleCDD to recognize custom packages

Hi Michael Yust,

> I'm having problems getting SimpleCDD to recognize/use all the
> packages I want to include in my custom CD. I'm sure it's oversight
> or lack of knowledge on my part. Here is what I'm using for my
> configuration.
> I have a local partial Debian mirror that contains our custom
> packages
> /var/ftp/debian
> It has the following components: serrano main nymgy nymgy-free
> nymgy-dev
Looks like a problem. I assume that /var and /home are on different 
filesystems. Don't do that.

> I've ran "build-simple-cdd --profiles-udeb-dist sid" to create the
> partial package mirror in /home/<username>/tmp/mirror
> (/home/<username>/ being my working directory for this project). I
> need to use the partial package mirror to create the Debian CD with
> the basic installation files, but I also need to include our custom
> packages from /var/ftp/debian.
> I've created a profile called serrano in /home/<username>/profiles.
> Here is my profiles/serrano.conf:
> export ARCHES="i386 amd64"
> mirror_components="main nymgy nymgy-free nymgy-dev"
That is simply not enough :-(

here is my delixs.conf:

export reprepro_opts="-v"
profiles="delixs delixs_devel delixs_CD_build"
mirror_tools="wget reprepro"
mirror_components="main contrib non-free"

I have put all packages in $local_packages and it works.
You don't need the Packages file, only the debs.

I am using a simple shell-script for cd-building.


export simple_cdd_dir="/home/hjede/my-simple-cdd"
export server="ftp.de.debian.org"
export ARCHES="i386"
export DISC_START_HOOK="$simple_cdd_dir/disc-start-hook.sh"
export http_proxy="";
/usr/share/simple-cdd/build-simple-cdd \
  --conf $simple_cdd_dir/profiles/delixs.conf \
  --dist etch \

The script "disc-start-hook.sh" adds additional files to my CD. I need 
this for testing some debconf.templates. But you may put any file on 



# $TDIR (the temporary dir containing the build tree)
# $MIRROR (the location of the mirror)
# $DISKNUM (the image number in the set)
# $CDDIR (the root of the temp disc tree)
# $ARCHES (the set of architectures chosen)

# The disc_start hook. This will be called near the beginning of the
# start_new_disc script, just after the directory tree has been created
# but before any files have been added

if [ "$3"=1 ] ; then
    cp -a $simple_cdd_dir/delixs $1/$CODENAME/CD1/ ||true

> I tried adding the .deb filenames in /var/ftp/debian/nymgy to
> profiles/serrano.packages, but when I checked the ISO after building
> it, they weren't included on the CD. So I zapped
> profiles/serrano.packages for now.
> I also have a preseed file that is attempting to pass a configuration
> option to Postfix when it gets to that point, but right now that's
> not a pressing issue. Otherwise my preseed file is empty.
> I'm building the CD using "build-smple-cdd --profiles serrano
> --local-packages /var/ftp/debian --conf
> /home/mikey/profiles/serrano.conf". It creates the CD just fine. I
> can install and boot to a Debian system, but I can't find my
> packages. I have the feeling that I'm missing just some basic
> information on how to use this, whether it's syntax or understanding
> how it works, that is preventing me from successfully creating my cd.
> My main problem at this point in time is "How do I tell it to use the
> /var/ftp/debian/nymgy/*.deb packages?".
See above. simple-cdd uses reprepro as mirror tool. Copy your file 
somewhere to /home or use an extra mirror in your conf-file, like:

# Extra mirror
#   May only work when using reprepro as mirror tool

> Any information, tips, tricks, documentation, or suggestions that
> anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks in advance.
> -Mike
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	Harry Jede

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