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Re: Working on the tasks pages

On Wed, 4 Jun 2008, Leopold Palomo-Avellaneda wrote:

Well, we have:



and the idea is, from a very simple text file, using php, create some kind of
nice html, no?

So, a fast propose only thought 10 minutes:

<Summary> the text to put on the left column. Explain the characteristic of
the task. It's the abstract of the task. Links to the lists, explanation of
the right column, etc.

Currently the text on the left side on top you see short and long description
of the task and static text for explanation for all tasks.  If you
want to propose a "Summary" you should propose which field of the text file
above you *exactly* want to get rendered there.

<Task> the name of the task

<Description> the complete explanation of the task.

Well, it is at the top of the left column - where is your problem.

<Recommends> official package from debian. I would "pick" the information form
http://packages.debian.org: homepage, description, etc.

Nice - it is actually picked from this exact place.  This is what we talk about ...

<Comment> a comment of the package

The comment is not displayed because it is just a comment for the maintainer
of the tasks files.

<package> name of the software recommended to package

Well, the package name is given behind Depends/Recommends/Suggests - so we
need no extra field called "Package".

<Responsible> who is the "guilty" person of the recommend.
<Comment> a comment about the package.

This exists - I don't know what you want to tell me.

<sub-task> a specific sub task inside the task

This does not exist and I just explained why.

Then I could have file:

<Summary> Debian Robotics packages

This metapackage will install Debian Science packages related to Robotics.

The list to the right includes various software projects which are of some
interest to the Debian-Med Project. Currently, only a few of them are
available as Debian packages. It is our goal, however, to include all
software in Debian-robotics Med which can sensibly add to a.....

Except of the syntax in RFC822 instead of XML-ish as we use in Debian control
files this is in principle in


Andreas, this is just a simple propose. I have added the <> to finish the tags
in some way, because there are tags inside tags (as xml ...)

Yes, I understand your proposal and I admit that the sub-tasks
hierarchy could be implemented better in XML because RFC822 is not
good for implementing a hierarchy.

With this approach you could create a simple page, no directories, etc with
sub task. The idea that I have in mind is that generic task has the common
packages and the sub-task the specific packages.

The real problem in your proposal is that you need somebody to do this.
I will not do it because I simply have no time for it.  I'm working on
enhancing existing things which work perfectly for the current CDDs.  If
you feel the need to implement something that works better for your
Robotics CDD you are perfectly welcome to enhance these tools and we
might think about adopting it for other CDDs if it has proven to work
better.  I'm afraid you are trying to overdesign some simple tools before
you gathered real content that is handled by these tools.  As I said
before: Once you have enough content for RObotics you can split of
from Debian Science and immediately create your own structure in a
Robotics CDD which at this point will probably become a one level
hierarchy again (most probably - at least this has shown my experience).

So please accept that I will not change the tools that work currently
somehow and have several other problems to fix and do not need another
level of complexity as an extra burden.

Kind regards



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